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Lessons are back!

I'm thrilled to announce that lessons are now back! This has been a huge request from fans for a long time now, so I'm so excited to finally being able to do this!


The only thing you need is:
- A computer with a webcam and microphone
- A pair of headphones
- A decent internet connection


Things you should know before booking a lesson:

- I am NOT a certified guitar teacher. I'll teach you the same way I taught myself how to play.


- What do you want to learn? I don't offer any planned courses so the lessons will purely be about what YOU want to learn and get better at. It could be a specific song you want to master or a certain technique you want to get better at.


- It doesn't matter if you're a complete beginner or intermediate player. I'll be happy to teach you no matter what your level is!


- If you have any questions you want answered before booking a lesson, don't hesitate to write me here!


Book your lesson now:
Price per lesson: €65
Lesson duration: 40 minutes




IMPORTANT! Once your payment has been made you'll receive a download link with all the information you need for the lesson, you'll also be able to pick a time and date! (Remember to check your spam/junk folder!)

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